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Hello All.
I’m Rion!

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Welcome! The purpose of this blog is make document some of the things that are important to me.  The changes, growth, and development we all much journey. I would consider myself a hoarder of sorts; well, maybe I wouldn’t, but my wife would disagree. My interests range from music, fitness, tech,  podcasting (coming soon!) to Jesus (Yes, I am a Believer in Jesus Christ).  I am married to my beautiful and awesome wife, Desiree and enjoying life with her. I will share some stories about how Desirée helped me through some major life changes (these are hilarious).

I believe that life is all about change, but the important aspect of change is how navigate through it. I am hoping that docuementing the changes that I have gone through and the future changes that I have yet to go through, will help someone find their way too. Thanks for checking this blog out.


How Change Results in Unimaginable Growth

There are things that happen in life that cause us to make changes. In fact life is all about change. There are some important aspects to change that most of us love like new jobs, new vacations and new experiences. We welcome them with open arms and smiles on our faces. However, there is another side of change that isn't so lovable like aging, job loss, and lost and broken relationships. The critical component to any new experience or change is how we are being changed. We either want to change OR have to change. In my life I have made many changes from musical tastes, weight loss, technology change, mindset changes, and changes in my Faith walk. I believe that God is always interested in who we are and who we are becoming. The process of change is what God uses to connect our present self to our future potential. This is...

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