Rion Robinson

If you are like me, I want more margin in life.  Margin doesn’t just amount in time.  It can be monetary, physical, spiritual, and spacial margin as well. There are so many tools are our disposal that are able to help us create margin, but tools are designed to assist, not to control us.  I want to help you to develop the skills to gain control of those tools. You can create boundaries in your life for the things that matter. Let’s get started.

Interesting Facts About Me

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I preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I believe that everyone should experience the saving grace that God freely gifted to us through Jesus.


Music Lover
Music has been all around me since I was young.  I have a genuine appreciation for musicians and the role of music in our daily lives. I can’t get enough of it.


Before superheroes got their own films, I enjoyed and still enjoy reading comic books.  In addition, I read other books as well.  Call me a Bookworm!


Technology is a wonderful tool and I love my gadgets.  You can find me an Apple store tinkering with tech for fun.