Are You Hiding for Selfish Reasons?

Are You Hiding for Selfish Reasons?

Selfishness can take several forms.

The last six months, I stopped writing on this blog and hiding my gift. There are several excuses that I can claim. There is a quote that I spoke about in a sermon that I preached some time ago that says:

““An excuse is worse than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded”

Pope John Paul II

Desiree would ask me if I was writing again.  I said that I was writing, which was true, but I never published anything. I was studying the subjects of web design, outlining, and writing structure.  They have been helpful to my growth, but not for my progress forward.  My blog was still a dry desert of dated content. Underneath all of my claims of improvement were layers of procrastination, which kept me both, protected and frustrated.

We hide ourselves in an effort to mask what people see.  Some of us buy clothes, cars, shoes, purses, and other things, to project and display our value to others. These are all efforts to distract others from seeing the real you.  The Bible says in Luke 8:16:

No one, when he lights a candle, covers it with a vessel or puts it under a bed, but sets it on a candlestick, that those who enter may see the light.”

When we light a candle, no one is examining the looks, labels, and containers.  Everyone is amazed by what the candle is designed to do: light the room and enjoy the scent that is given as a result of the fire.  Jesus was great with analogies.

Needless to say, all of my efforts to avoid launching the blog were attempts to keep myself protected from the ridicule and opinion of others.  That’s the honest truth.   Many of us experience this, but we medicate the impact of the truth with excuses. Recognizing that I have been my own worse enemy, I confronted that by pushing through that anxiety. This blog is a result of that.

I am working on pulling back the layers of excuses in my life that have kept me bound.  No more hiding under a fictitious blog header like The Robinson Report. I want this blog to be about removing the clutter in our lives to reveal who God has created us to be in first place. Under all of those layers of pain, excuses, and disappointment, is the real you and it’s time to uncover that person.

With that said, allow me to reintroduce myself.  My name is Rion Robinson. Welcome to my blog. Let’s Discover the Real You again.

Author: Rion Robinson

I am a Grateful Child of God and Preacher of the Gospel. I love my wife, Desiree, and our wonderful girl, Emery. The rest is supplementary: Miami (OH) Grad/Football Alum. A Music Enthusiast. True Apple Techie . Comic book fan. Pilates Student.

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