Ending Something is The Biggest Hurdle to New Beginnings

Ending Something is The Biggest Hurdle to New Beginnings

Are we willing to accept the endings in life?

The Beginning of Anything Starts with an Ending

The last few months, my life has transformed. I am now a parent of a beautiful girl named Emery, and the future of my family has changed my decision making process.   The revelation and importance of foundation and proper endings have become apparent to me.  If you don’t end something well, you begin at a rough spot.

When I found out that I was going to go be a father a little over a year ago,  I was excited! Less than 24 hours later, I panicked. Our life as a young married couple with no children was over.  I thought that I would no longer have late night movie dates with Desiree, and lose the ability to hang out at a moment’s notice among other thoughts that passed through my head. My ego forced me to carry the burden alone, thinking that I was the only person feeling like this.  After a few weeks of stubbornness, I reached out to a friend and shared my fears with him. He reminded me that being nervous about the unknown is normal, but realize that maturity requires leaving something behind in order to move forward.

Growing up and maturation demands that you leave something behind.  You have to grow and develop into better version of yourself.  Every tree was once a seed, and every adult was a child (we can argue that fact in some cases). In holding on certain seasons too long, we keep ourselves from realizing our full potential.  Our potential isn’t for ourselves, but for others. It is our gift to one another to become our best self.

These changes in my life have made me a better man. Life experiences have a way of uncovering what has always been there. What’s funny is we, ourselves, are always the last to find out who we are. All of your loved ones are able to see you before you do.  They are waiting for you to show up.

Cry, Grieve, Celebrate, but do something healthy to embrace an ending with integrity.  Your new beginning is counting on it.


Author: Rion Robinson

I am a Grateful Child of God and Preacher of the Gospel. I love my wife, Desiree, and our wonderful girl, Emery. The rest is supplementary: Miami (OH) Grad/Football Alum. A Music Enthusiast. True Apple Techie . Comic book fan. Pilates Student.

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  1. And the first person to reply on a blog might set up a stream of additional posts by other people! 🙂
    There are many things in popular culture that remind us about beginnings and endings regardless of your religious or philosophical bent.
    Semisonic’s song Closing Time: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

    The scene between Valeris (Kim Cattrall) and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), directed by Nicholas Meyer.
    VALERIS (looking at a painting at Spock’s quarters): I do not understand this representation.
    SPOCK: It’s a depiction from ancient Earth mythology. The expulsion from Paradise.
    VALERIS: Why keep it in your quarters?
    SPOCK: As a reminder to me that all things end.
    VALERIS (turning to Spock): It is of endings that I wish to speak.

    Regardless of your reference point, we look too often at endings as a bad thing. Many times endings are good so something new can take its place.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much! It’s so true that endings can be difficult, but every season begins with an ending, That will preach!

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