Three Ways You Can Refocus and Get Back On Track

Three Ways You Can Refocus and Get Back On Track

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The only way to get clarity is through the work of removing the residue.

As I am sitting at the optometrist, my mind began to wonder about the changes in my vision. Certain aspects of my vision have changed in the last year, prompting me to setup my annual checkup (running out contacts also prompts one to have a check up). Most of us do not realize the complicated tools of an optometrist.  There are many dials and knobs to master in order to create the perfect pair of glasses or contacts.  As I was taken back for my exam, it dawned on me the importance of clarity in our lives.  Just like our annual checkups, we need to invest time to determine if we need to make adjustments to our plans.  It isn’t until you take the time to gain clarity to your personal goals that you will be able to adjust your direction.

Here are my learnings from my visit (besides getting new glasses):

  1. Leave the past behind – We can get stuck on the fact that things are changing in our vision. Focusing too much time on past experiences can rob us of present opportunities. We must make the decision and be willing to let go of our current impeared vision in exchange for a new and more relevant one.
  2. Change your perspective – At the optomistist’s office, there is a device called a Refractor.  This is the device that prompts the optometrist to ask the question, “one or two?”.  There are thousands of combinations that allow the doctor to determine what power of lenses you need to look through for your best vision.  Many of us refuse to change our perspective because of familiarity.  New vision require new lens.
  3. Make progress – The vision never gets clearier without trial and error.  There is a chart of progression in an optomistist’s office to aids in that process.  You have to take steps from the largest to detailed text to see how much focus that you have. Celebrate the progress forward.

These three tactics are not just great material to create an article.  These tactics are currently being used by myself, professionally and personally. Recently, I have been challenged with uncovering what makes me truly happy.  With the arrival of my daughter, I have pondered what am I going to instill in her that will make her reach further than me.  The only way to help someone believe and go after their God-given dream and purpose is to model it. I want to be an example of what it means to have faith enough to follow what is in your heart.

The Robinson Report will be going through a few changes in mission, purpose, and content.  This blog to be a place of encouragement for those who want to be better for themselves, their family, friends, church, co-workers, etc. There is an aphorism that says, “a rising tide lifts all boats“. My desire is that you be the reason everyone around you gets better.  There will be more to come. Please stay tuned!


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Author: Rion Robinson

I am a Grateful Child of God and Preacher of the Gospel. I love my wife, Desiree, and our wonderful girl, Emery. The rest is supplementary: Miami (OH) Grad/Football Alum. A Music Enthusiast. True Apple Techie . Comic book fan. Pilates Student.

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  1. Love this. Too many times, we keep going down one path without ever stopping to think about our decisions or ambitions. Sometimes, life goals may change and if we keep going down one road, we won’t be able to see what could be. An example of this is having a job. Maybe, its a dead end job that won’t help you grow or mature. You may get a paycheck, but ambitions and dreams fall away. Keep growing and keep progressing in life.

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